II Why I’m an Otaku, you ask? II { C O N T A I N S ● S P O I L E R S }

I was just considering the question above [ title ]  some while ago and I just realised after watching an amazing AMV by a YouTube user. Occasionally, all otakus will see a main character die, just like that. It’s shocking and heart wrenching, in a way that only those who’ve been through the journey with the character will understand. This is not something that only applies to anime or manga, it applies to cartoon, dramas and live actions. My love for anime and manga continues to grow because I know that there’s always some hidden gems that will take us by surprise and let us enjoy, think and feel with the characters. In Ef~A Tale of Melodies, Yuuko-chan died and it wasn’t just like some bad guy dying. It was because we all got to know her pains and her times of happiness with Yuu-kun. It was really heartbreaking when she died. The OSTs ( anime ) and actions of the characters always matter in such situations, which, in this case, Yuu-kun dropped the bouquet of flowers he was carrying and ran to Yuuko-chan. How he shook her, how little Mi-chan was crying, it all added up to the moment. Similarly, when Nuriko in Fushigi Yuugi died, I really was horrified. It was completelytotally unexpected. Why did Nuriko, who just discovered his/her love for Miaka, have to  die? Or perhaps you might consider when the character’s troubled are finally over, all she/he has fought for is finally justified. Some anime these days, I have no intention of watching because the storyline really sucks. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to judge it by its cover. Right now, I’m into older anime and historical manga. I love anime and manga for being what they are ^_^

I’ve actually been talking about death a lot in here. I want to share with you all this underrated manga called “Lady Mitsuko”. Just thinking of the title makes me want to cry. When Heinrich passed away, I was like “WHAT THE SHIT YOU CAN’T JUST DIE LIKE THAT HEINRICH!” It was really sad, after all he went through with Mitsuko. I was really saddened when Mitsuko lost her way but she gained it and the ending was really great. It’s a very inspirational and beautiful manga, based on a true story.

To all those people who judge otakus/manga/anime without knowing anything about it/them, I really feel sorry for them. If they think it’s just about cute voices, big eyes and fanservice, they’re dead wrong. Most anime and manga have wonderful characters who are unique individuals and they contain so much that you wouldn’t expect. This is my experience and I think I’ve given you all enough evidence to prove it.

P.S. Bishies make your life better


Beauty ♡

OH GOD. TEARS JUST STARTED TO LEAK OUT OF MY EYES. That was completely unexpected and totally beautiful ♡ This mangaka has a really great imagination ( tears for one chapter which was 37 pages, is that not AMAZING?! ).

Kobato.「こばと」 Review

I don’t know much about reviewing profesionally but I’m going to express my opinions here.

Story 9/10

The storyline was great, it was original. I mean, I know all stories are unique in their own sense but this idea was greatly developed and put into something that made sense and actually touched my heart. I go about watching anime and enjoying it but in reality, there’s only a few that touch my heart to the core and Kobato is one of them. Certainly, it migh not be the best but it definitely is one of the best.

Art 10/10

I surprised myself by giving the art a 10. It was different, in a sense and I noticed that most of the main women had long hair 😛 I know that the art of some things like K-On is a new style but the chibi moments and Ioryogi-san were really well-drawn. The art style is quite different from normal and caught my attention immediately.

Characters 9/10

The characters were well-developed and pretty simple, not so complicated. Kobato is your usual naive, innocent and pure girl with a big heart. She can stand up for herself and others, which I really admire in her. Kazehaya-kun is also another cliché character who is cold and aloof to Kobato in the beginning but gradually warms up to her. Sayaka-sensei is awesome in the sense that she totally understands the main characters’ feelings for each other and her love for her ex-husband. Ioryogi-san is one of the best characters that spice up and liven this story. His temper and genuine ( hidden ) care for Kobato is really sweet. The rest of the characters contribute in their own way and are one of the reasons I enjoyed this manga.

Manga 「漫画」

〆(・∀・@) Maybe you haven’t realized, I am a manga addict (○゜ε^○). Over the span of a month [ the JUNE HOLIDAYS ], I fell in love with manga and read about 15. Because of my original love for anime, I really wasn’t into manga. I wasn’t interested enough to love it but it all changed when I watched the “Honey x Honey Drops” OVA. The OVA, being an OVA, wasn’t from a series either, just made for the manga so even though the OVA received many bad comments on YouTube, I was interested enough to read the manga. Immediately, I was attracted to similar manga. Being one of the first few manga I’ve read, Immortal RainKieliHoney x Honey DropsRed River and Hatenkou Yuugi will remain as one of the best in my heart. Hatenkou Yuugi is still ongoing so my heart is broken (ΘεΘ;) I love that manga so much and an anime was made just to promote the manga. HELL, IT WORKED. I’m up to read Kobato. since I loved the anime. Red River was like ´ω`♡%)and (´ ▽`).。o♡ for me. I fell in love with the art, the heroine and ahem, the smut. Surprisingly is was sweet and amazing. I WANNA READ IT OVER AND OVER AND WISH IT NEVER STOPPED. YEAH, SO.

P.S.  I saw this on my blogger chat box and I was like ⊂(◎(工)◎)⊃