I’m Back!

Ok, I wanted to say sorry to minna-san who didn’t see anything coming out of this blog for some time. Gome ne? I’m actually having exams this week, since two weeks ago. The last exam for me is this Thursday. Tomorrow is Chemistry. OH GOD. At least I finished my revision ^_^ YAY ME. Now let’s talk about RPGs?

love RPGs. MMORPGs especially. Not so much of MMORTS though. I look out for a lot of character customization and nice-looking graphics. The best I’ve played so far is Fiesta, which sadly, is unavailable for Mac users T^T NANDE. It was the most fun, with all those Kingdom Quests. I loved being a Cleric then, healing my teammates. But I hated being killed and respawned. UGH. Who doesn’t? And the maximum for KQs are 3. And then you’re out T^T I was fortunate enough to get to Level 27 for one of my characters, at least that’s what I can remember. I don’t have the luxury of downloading Mac available/based RPGs on my Mac because it’s an Air and MacAirs aren’t really used for downloading a lot of stuff ( which I need to like books and videos for video-making ). I currently have PlaneShift and FreeRealms.



Planeshift logo

Free Realms

Perfect World International [ PWI ]

Yeah, I even used to play PWI. Which was pretty interesting but there wasn’t exactly that much player interaction as Fiesta. As for PlaneShift, it’s still in Beta so it’s completely free and always being improved. So I tried the beginning of PS, which wasn’t exactly what I had in mind because the character customization in terms of the character’s background was pretty cool and unique and I’ve never seen that kind of thing before. But when we got on with the tutorial, it was so freaking slow because they actually added the NPC’s individual voices and well, it was excruciatingly slow for someone like me who prefers to advance at a very fast pace. So I suppose they could improve on that? As for FreeRealms, it’s more for a wider audience so I would expect kids of 8 and 9 to play as well but I don’t mind ^_^” It’s really interesting in the sense that you can actually try different things. It’s not so wide on character customization but you can actually see when the character has changed his/her costume. Once when I playing, there was actually this moment when there was this speaker and when I ( my char ) went near it, I started dancing Gangnam Style. So did everyone else around me. It was so freaking hilarious. I could’t stop laughing.

LOL. You see that? I even suddenly got turned into a rabbit and I don’t know why ^^”

I’m off for now ^_^ Enjoy your life.

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