L I A R ● G A M E 「ドラマ」

When I saw that, I was like HOLY, isn’t that the drama which I watched the NG from. GYABO! Matsu-kun is acting in this drama and the actress is really pretty. The NG was really epic too, so I’m zettai going to watch it !



II Why I’m an Otaku, you ask? II { C O N T A I N S ● S P O I L E R S }

I was just considering the question above [ title ]  some while ago and I just realised after watching an amazing AMV by a YouTube user. Occasionally, all otakus will see a main character die, just like that. It’s shocking and heart wrenching, in a way that only those who’ve been through the journey with the character will understand. This is not something that only applies to anime or manga, it applies to cartoon, dramas and live actions. My love for anime and manga continues to grow because I know that there’s always some hidden gems that will take us by surprise and let us enjoy, think and feel with the characters. In Ef~A Tale of Melodies, Yuuko-chan died and it wasn’t just like some bad guy dying. It was because we all got to know her pains and her times of happiness with Yuu-kun. It was really heartbreaking when she died. The OSTs ( anime ) and actions of the characters always matter in such situations, which, in this case, Yuu-kun dropped the bouquet of flowers he was carrying and ran to Yuuko-chan. How he shook her, how little Mi-chan was crying, it all added up to the moment. Similarly, when Nuriko in Fushigi Yuugi died, I really was horrified. It was completelytotally unexpected. Why did Nuriko, who just discovered his/her love for Miaka, have to  die? Or perhaps you might consider when the character’s troubled are finally over, all she/he has fought for is finally justified. Some anime these days, I have no intention of watching because the storyline really sucks. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to judge it by its cover. Right now, I’m into older anime and historical manga. I love anime and manga for being what they are ^_^

I’ve actually been talking about death a lot in here. I want to share with you all this underrated manga called “Lady Mitsuko”. Just thinking of the title makes me want to cry. When Heinrich passed away, I was like “WHAT THE SHIT YOU CAN’T JUST DIE LIKE THAT HEINRICH!” It was really sad, after all he went through with Mitsuko. I was really saddened when Mitsuko lost her way but she gained it and the ending was really great. It’s a very inspirational and beautiful manga, based on a true story.

To all those people who judge otakus/manga/anime without knowing anything about it/them, I really feel sorry for them. If they think it’s just about cute voices, big eyes and fanservice, they’re dead wrong. Most anime and manga have wonderful characters who are unique individuals and they contain so much that you wouldn’t expect. This is my experience and I think I’ve given you all enough evidence to prove it.

P.S. Bishies make your life better

Review : “To The Beautiful You” Episode 1

I finally got around to reviewing the first episode ( I’ll be watching the second one ASAP )…

This episode looks like it’s starting out great, it lived up to my expectations, and even higher. At this point, I won’t go about comparing to the Japanese one except when I just have to and just appreciate that 1 hour of watching it. The beginning was interesting and the ending definitely kept you hooked ( um, it’s obviously gonna stop where the doc asks why there’s a girl at a boys’ school ). Before I even digress to the ending, the beginning was simply hilarious. It was cool incorporating how “Sano” ( I WON’T BOTHER WITH THE KOREAN NAMES unless necessary ) had filming and stuff but we aren’t far from meeting the 95% possible future, whiny, b*tchy lead antagonist at that point.

One thing I have learned from Korean drama is that there’s always two guys and two girls ( in most 99% cases ) and two guys fall for lead girl and lead antagonist girl is evil and tries to get the lead guy through any unbelievable, horrid method. Period. Japanese  ( and Taiwanese *hint, hint* ) drama are different in the sense that they focus in many different aspects and not just the leads but on other cast character development. Either way, I’m hoping this will go smoothly and little miss won’t be too troublesome.

Back to “Mizuki”. Plain hilarious, I tell you. Even though the entire cast don’t seem to fit that atmosphere of “Hana Kimi” and “three united dorms” (yet), I find it endearing already. The way she slid down the stairs on the suitcase just cracked me. I’m glad that there was a lot of humour and “Nakatsu” is cute ( totally ) but I just can’t find that boyish, playful aura in him. OH GOD HOW I PRAY there won’t be any hard feelings between him and “Sano” in the future TT^TT *Kneels down and prays*

Now that really caught my attention. I wouldn’t have so much as the courage to say “Um”. So far, so good.

We all knew it was coming, but…This was just too hilarious to ignore. A random person suddenly answers your question meant for the dog and crawls out of the kennel. I mean, who does that ( “Mizuki” )?!

I actually didn’t want to highlight anyone but those two guys smack in the middle. I really snorted with laughter when I noticed them. When I think about the beginning where “Mizuki” reaches the school, I find the Hana Kimi one more eye-catching because the Hibari 4 are introduced, in a very non-annoying future girls way. But those 3 girls are quite interesting specimens as well.

But the dorm heads…THEY JUST DON’T CATCH MY ATTENTION. THEY DON’T EVEN LOOK UNIQUE, IN THE LEAST. GOD. THE DOCTOR!!! WAAAH. Tennouji, Nanba and Masao will forever be the best dorm heads I have ever seen. They look amazingly unique and they’re individually hilarious and endearing in their own way. Nanba-senpai and Kayashima were also introduced in the first episode of Hana Kimi, which spiced up the show so I was wondering when/whether they would show up in this episode. But Kayashima didn’t :3 I miss that lovable Ghost Boy. Umeda-sensei, too, will be the best doctor in the history of all versions of Hana Kimi. His uniquely blue eyes and tan ( IT LOOKS TANNED OKAY?! ) make him look hot and he has that aura of a seriously captivating character. Hope to see more of his gay side in the drama soon. WILL DO in SPICING things up a NOTCH.



*Sob* Umeda-sensei TT^TT DAISUKI DA YO

Overall, the episode builds up tension at the end and I’m genuinely interested in seeing the rest of the drama. I’m so happy there’s a lot of humour and not much angst in this episode ( GOD THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANGST ) so I’ll be reviewing the next episode soon. Ja, matta ne!

Rating : 8.5 / 10

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Review : Ginban Kaleidoscope

So this is my own opinion on the anime, I don’t actually have the heart to critisize anything too harshly but when I do, it gets…painful. ^^” I’m not threatening minna-san, so don’t worry. I’m reviewing this because it has to be one of the best anime I’ve ever watched. Before I even start, let me say that I’m a definite 100% certified shoujo lover, even if my favourite anime as of this year happens to be Code Geass. Before i digress any further, let me begin my review on this awesome anime :3 Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one thing. I’m EXTREMELY emotional. Especially when it comes to anime, manga and drama. So don’t blame me for being overdramatic ; that’s just the way I am.

Story 9/10 :

I heard this anime had a low budget. I so badly want to read the light novels, since it’s the anime’s foundation. The plot was actually unique, I mean, how many anime do you have where a figure skater is possessed by a Canadian ghost? It’s even rare to have an anime with a figure skater o( ><)o Either way, I loved the story but the ending really killed me. I ended up writing a fanfiction for it (; ̄Д ̄. I love this anime because you can actually see how Tazusa changes from that arrogant girl to someone who can respect others. I loved that moment when she was talking to Pete and her friend appeared everytime, then misunderstood and ran away in sparkles ^_^ Hilarious. Even if the change was sudden/abrupt, she actually changed over the course of 6 hours ( 12 episodes people ). So the plot was quite unique, not groundbreaking either, but above average and eye-catching.


Animation 3/10 : 

The animation was terrible. To actually hear myself say this…Yup, it was that bad. I can take that stiffness but not the overused twirls and leaps and movements. If there was a bit more fluidity, it would have looked really beautiful but we’re talking about low-budget here. Sometimes, the characters looked uneven/improportionate ( does this word even exist in the dictionary ? ) and this is quite…You get the point. Either way, the story and the characters, as well as the voice acting are good so, animation can be neglected to some extent.


Sound 7/10 : 

Not groundbreaking, to say the least, but not terrible either when talking about the OSTs. But, BUT, I absolutely LOVE the opening and ending songs. It’s Maji Love 1000%, I tell ya. The voice acting was good, especially the first episode, Tazusa’s Japanese accent when speaking in English was so funny. Need I explain anymore?


Characters 9/10 : 

Tazusa ; first impression – BRAT. She was a brat. And then she changed. I like her, it takes a completely different, awesome kind of person to claim that she is a 10 billion dollar beauty. I loved seeing her ice skate and the problems she faced were partially realistic ( it’s called anime for a reason ). Pete is so cute. Like that adorable puppy cute. He really is. He can really understand her and my heart broke at the ending. He was such an awesome male lead. Needless to say, I enjoyed seeing Mika’s reactions to misunderstanding that Tazusa’s anger was directed at her. And the looks on Coach Takashima’s and her sister’s faces when they see her “talking to herself”, they’re just priceless. Her coach and Direcor Mishiro are really fun characters in the story, they add some real spice. It’s so funny how she deluded herself into believing that Nitta and Takashima liked her. Either way, the leads and supporting cast are really enjoyable characters so this anime is made worthwhile because of them.

Overall, I give this anime an 8.5 and I’m satisfied. Ja, matta ne!