Hello 2013!

This is a 20 day late post, just so you people know XD I feel guilty about not updating this often because I more frequently attend to my Tumblr and Blogger. 2013 ushered in a new year of digital art, fanfiction, fiction and studying goals for me. I don’t have much time for extra work ( heck I haven’t even watched a single anime episode yet ).

On a brighter note, I managed to re-download OSU! which crashed on me last year and SAI Easy Paint Tool which I found out there was a Mac version. Also, I discovered that SAI is actually Japanese *cue shocked and delighted gasp*

I’ve become a crazy KHR fangirl ( I just clutched my heart and gasped when I saw this Hibari photoset ==” ) and my friends gave me really awesome stuff on my birthday. One of them drew Ichinose Tokiya and my twin ( we have the same birthdays lol ) gave me a Reborn! rubik’s cube . My best friend dubbed our “younger sister” also gave me another rubik’s cube with a different design :3 Another good otaku friend of mine gave me an early birthday present in the form of a Tokiya keychain with a little light. I love these guys so much.

I’ve also had a lot of revelations regarding JPOP artists. Most of the ones I’ve seen in dramas are in bands or individually are ALL under the recording label Jonny’s Entertainment formed by  Jonny & Associates. And then the shock of finding out that V6, too, is under Johhny’s.

THEN finding out that it was them who performed the Gokusen opening “Feel Your Breeze” because I was looking through their wiki and I saw the song title then ; OHMYGOD COULD IT BE THEM WHO PERFORMED THE OP FOR GOKUSEN?!

YouTube came in handy in confirming this shocking discovery. And so rekindles my abandoned love of V6. *sigh* To handle KAT-TUN and V6 at the same time is all right, I guess.

Yamada Yuu, whom I have watched act before, is MARRIED to Oguri Shun…Like I knew he was married but I didn’t realise it was her.

I have come to love Sato Takeru, after finding out that he was acting as Kenshin in the RuroKen live action ( which, by the way, was fabulous ). Shockingly, I came to recognise him as the younger brother of Mizushima Hiro’s character in Mei-chan no Shitsuji. Hiro-kun also happens to be casted for the Kuroshitsuji live action role as Sebastian ( which I’ve never watched ). He happens to be a butler a lot o_O

Nakama Yukie ( Yankumi in Gokusen ), I realised when rewatching the last episode of Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake, was the “evil” Kaoru -__- She’s pretty nevertheless. The cutie guy from Yamato Nadeshiko Live Action is in Johnny’s NEWS and Koyama Keiichiro ( from Kurosagi and Yukan Club ) is in it too. Yamapi and Ryo-kun were former members ( the not-so-much shock anymore ). Ryo-kun is now in Kanjani8 along with Yokoyama Yu ( Yukan Club ). MatsuJun is in Arashi

When did this become a full-blown revelation and information page about Johnny’s again?

GAH. Whatever.

I need to leave now. Until next time, people.


P.P.S I made a new banner. The resolution sucks but it’s the best one I’ve made so far. I will also be making a new blog button.


God Junno looks so cute XD ( Jin has left already  )