Hello 2013!

This is a 20 day late post, just so you people know XD I feel guilty about not updating this often because I more frequently attend to my Tumblr and Blogger. 2013 ushered in a new year of digital art, fanfiction, fiction and studying goals for me. I don’t have much time for extra work ( heck I haven’t even watched a single anime episode yet ).

On a brighter note, I managed to re-download OSU! which crashed on me last year and SAI Easy Paint Tool which I found out there was a Mac version. Also, I discovered that SAI is actually Japanese *cue shocked and delighted gasp*

I’ve become a crazy KHR fangirl ( I just clutched my heart and gasped when I saw this Hibari photoset ==” ) and my friends gave me really awesome stuff on my birthday. One of them drew Ichinose Tokiya and my twin ( we have the same birthdays lol ) gave me a Reborn! rubik’s cube . My best friend dubbed our “younger sister” also gave me another rubik’s cube with a different design :3 Another good otaku friend of mine gave me an early birthday present in the form of a Tokiya keychain with a little light. I love these guys so much.

I’ve also had a lot of revelations regarding JPOP artists. Most of the ones I’ve seen in dramas are in bands or individually are ALL under the recording label Jonny’s Entertainment formed by  Jonny & Associates. And then the shock of finding out that V6, too, is under Johhny’s.

THEN finding out that it was them who performed the Gokusen opening “Feel Your Breeze” because I was looking through their wiki and I saw the song title then ; OHMYGOD COULD IT BE THEM WHO PERFORMED THE OP FOR GOKUSEN?!

YouTube came in handy in confirming this shocking discovery. And so rekindles my abandoned love of V6. *sigh* To handle KAT-TUN and V6 at the same time is all right, I guess.

Yamada Yuu, whom I have watched act before, is MARRIED to Oguri Shun…Like I knew he was married but I didn’t realise it was her.

I have come to love Sato Takeru, after finding out that he was acting as Kenshin in the RuroKen live action ( which, by the way, was fabulous ). Shockingly, I came to recognise him as the younger brother of Mizushima Hiro’s character in Mei-chan no Shitsuji. Hiro-kun also happens to be casted for the Kuroshitsuji live action role as Sebastian ( which I’ve never watched ). He happens to be a butler a lot o_O

Nakama Yukie ( Yankumi in Gokusen ), I realised when rewatching the last episode of Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake, was the “evil” Kaoru -__- She’s pretty nevertheless. The cutie guy from Yamato Nadeshiko Live Action is in Johnny’s NEWS and Koyama Keiichiro ( from Kurosagi and Yukan Club ) is in it too. Yamapi and Ryo-kun were former members ( the not-so-much shock anymore ). Ryo-kun is now in Kanjani8 along with Yokoyama Yu ( Yukan Club ). MatsuJun is in Arashi

When did this become a full-blown revelation and information page about Johnny’s again?

GAH. Whatever.

I need to leave now. Until next time, people.


P.P.S I made a new banner. The resolution sucks but it’s the best one I’ve made so far. I will also be making a new blog button.


God Junno looks so cute XD ( Jin has left already  )




I’m Back!

Ok, I wanted to say sorry to minna-san who didn’t see anything coming out of this blog for some time. Gome ne? I’m actually having exams this week, since two weeks ago. The last exam for me is this Thursday. Tomorrow is Chemistry. OH GOD. At least I finished my revision ^_^ YAY ME. Now let’s talk about RPGs?

love RPGs. MMORPGs especially. Not so much of MMORTS though. I look out for a lot of character customization and nice-looking graphics. The best I’ve played so far is Fiesta, which sadly, is unavailable for Mac users T^T NANDE. It was the most fun, with all those Kingdom Quests. I loved being a Cleric then, healing my teammates. But I hated being killed and respawned. UGH. Who doesn’t? And the maximum for KQs are 3. And then you’re out T^T I was fortunate enough to get to Level 27 for one of my characters, at least that’s what I can remember. I don’t have the luxury of downloading Mac available/based RPGs on my Mac because it’s an Air and MacAirs aren’t really used for downloading a lot of stuff ( which I need to like books and videos for video-making ). I currently have PlaneShift and FreeRealms.



Planeshift logo

Free Realms

Perfect World International [ PWI ]

Yeah, I even used to play PWI. Which was pretty interesting but there wasn’t exactly that much player interaction as Fiesta. As for PlaneShift, it’s still in Beta so it’s completely free and always being improved. So I tried the beginning of PS, which wasn’t exactly what I had in mind because the character customization in terms of the character’s background was pretty cool and unique and I’ve never seen that kind of thing before. But when we got on with the tutorial, it was so freaking slow because they actually added the NPC’s individual voices and well, it was excruciatingly slow for someone like me who prefers to advance at a very fast pace. So I suppose they could improve on that? As for FreeRealms, it’s more for a wider audience so I would expect kids of 8 and 9 to play as well but I don’t mind ^_^” It’s really interesting in the sense that you can actually try different things. It’s not so wide on character customization but you can actually see when the character has changed his/her costume. Once when I playing, there was actually this moment when there was this speaker and when I ( my char ) went near it, I started dancing Gangnam Style. So did everyone else around me. It was so freaking hilarious. I could’t stop laughing.

LOL. You see that? I even suddenly got turned into a rabbit and I don’t know why ^^”

I’m off for now ^_^ Enjoy your life.

Be mindful of what you toss away, be careful when you push away, and think hard before walking away.



L I A R ● G A M E 「ドラマ」

When I saw that, I was like HOLY, isn’t that the drama which I watched the NG from. GYABO! Matsu-kun is acting in this drama and the actress is really pretty. The NG was really epic too, so I’m zettai going to watch it !



Hello there ( in a fail Jap accent ).

MUKYAAAAAAAA ( fail Nodame imitation )!

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m so hyper right? I just finished reading House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones and I love her books. I didn’t even know it existed until today because I was looking through Miyazaki-san’s list of movies and looked a little more into the origins of Howl’s Moving Castle. I’ve read the novel before and I love both the movie and the book. So when I found out it was a series involving appearance by Howl, Sophie, Calcifer and OMG THEIR SON, I was definitely gonna read it ( wonder what happened to Markl? ).  I started reading the book the moment I downloaded the EPUB XD I ADORED THAT BOOK ( will post a review soon ). So, due to my hyperness ( thanks to the book ), I was browsing randomly for drama that were kinda like Hana Kimi and came across two recommendations called Liar Game and One Pound Gospel. I’ve heard of OPG ’cause I was watching this video of Kame-kun’s funny moments and it featured him jumping onto a punching bag going “Love Love Jump” or something T^T I swear I cried laughing at that moment ’cause his voice sounded so epic. That’s why I’m going to start by watching OPG and then Liar Game and then maybe read the manga ^_^ 

SO Y E A H <– I’ve taken a liking to leaving spaces ^^”

Ja matta ne,

II Why I’m an Otaku, you ask? II { C O N T A I N S ● S P O I L E R S }

I was just considering the question above [ title ]  some while ago and I just realised after watching an amazing AMV by a YouTube user. Occasionally, all otakus will see a main character die, just like that. It’s shocking and heart wrenching, in a way that only those who’ve been through the journey with the character will understand. This is not something that only applies to anime or manga, it applies to cartoon, dramas and live actions. My love for anime and manga continues to grow because I know that there’s always some hidden gems that will take us by surprise and let us enjoy, think and feel with the characters. In Ef~A Tale of Melodies, Yuuko-chan died and it wasn’t just like some bad guy dying. It was because we all got to know her pains and her times of happiness with Yuu-kun. It was really heartbreaking when she died. The OSTs ( anime ) and actions of the characters always matter in such situations, which, in this case, Yuu-kun dropped the bouquet of flowers he was carrying and ran to Yuuko-chan. How he shook her, how little Mi-chan was crying, it all added up to the moment. Similarly, when Nuriko in Fushigi Yuugi died, I really was horrified. It was completelytotally unexpected. Why did Nuriko, who just discovered his/her love for Miaka, have to  die? Or perhaps you might consider when the character’s troubled are finally over, all she/he has fought for is finally justified. Some anime these days, I have no intention of watching because the storyline really sucks. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to judge it by its cover. Right now, I’m into older anime and historical manga. I love anime and manga for being what they are ^_^

I’ve actually been talking about death a lot in here. I want to share with you all this underrated manga called “Lady Mitsuko”. Just thinking of the title makes me want to cry. When Heinrich passed away, I was like “WHAT THE SHIT YOU CAN’T JUST DIE LIKE THAT HEINRICH!” It was really sad, after all he went through with Mitsuko. I was really saddened when Mitsuko lost her way but she gained it and the ending was really great. It’s a very inspirational and beautiful manga, based on a true story.

To all those people who judge otakus/manga/anime without knowing anything about it/them, I really feel sorry for them. If they think it’s just about cute voices, big eyes and fanservice, they’re dead wrong. Most anime and manga have wonderful characters who are unique individuals and they contain so much that you wouldn’t expect. This is my experience and I think I’ve given you all enough evidence to prove it.

P.S. Bishies make your life better