ISML Rounds 2,3,4, 5 and 6

ISML 2012 Emerald Period – Round 1

Le hell…Why is ISML so torturous when it comes to choosing people?


WAAAAH TT^TT Meiko didn’t make it, how the hell is this possible? As expected, Azunyan, Mio and Yui won. I feel sorry for Tsumugi and Index though.  Eucliwood and Erio made it through. Uhm, C.C not getting past the first round was expected because, um, you know? She has more badass character than moe, I mean, seriously. The couple that was obviously going to win was the Clannad pair, duh. Well, waiting eagerly for Round 2. Sayonara!

ISML 2012 Ruby Period – Round 1

Voting this time was tough, considering how I had to choose between Louise and Mikuru. I wanted to choose Mikuru but I know Ashley loves Louise so I abstained =.= This time, lots of my favourite girls are competing like Holo, Eculiwood and Honma. I can’t wait for the results *Squeals*