Review : Coffeehouse Angel

Coffeehouse AngelCoffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I can’t believe I finished reading this in a matter of hours. Right now, I feel like screaming and laughing and crying at the same time. That’s right, I think this book deserves 5 stars because in my opinion, it totally it italic text: does. This story was absolutely refreshing and amazing to sum up. And now follow my reasons…The cover didn’t really attract me, to tell the truth but you know that saying

Don’t judge a book by its cover

so I took to reading it. It was so different, how do I explain this? You might think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. Katrina is an average girl who works at a coffeehouse owned by her grandmother. Her parents were killed in a car accident when she was young. Her unsuspecting act causes a a great change in her life and this book explores the topic of actually finding what your worth is and friendship, family and love. The first part was more on the humorous side but as it progressed, it took on a more serious tone. ( Not that it was bad ). I enjoyed this story so much it hurts. The ending satisfied me and I’m really relieved there isn’t a series. It’s so difficult to find a book these days that isn’t part of a series that doesn’t get crappy as it progresses into each book. I don’t intend to be so harsh but it’s sadly true. But, there still are great series books out there, I mean. Now I’m digressing =.= My point has been conveyed though. I adored this book to the bottom of my heart and I recommend it; strongly.

Review : Give Up the Ghost

Give Up the Ghost

Give Up the Ghost by Megan Crewe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book. It was different from the books I’ve been reading recently which all amount to pretty girl liking insanely handsome boy and all those worldly worries. I’m not saying that it’s necessarily bad but sometimes it’s just too much and too cliché.  This is about a girl who was betrayed by her best friend in Junior School and as a result, becomes reserved, I would say quiet. She can see ghosts ever since the death of her sister four years ago . I immensely enjoyed that there was sufficient humour and not too much romance and snogging. I mean, it’s nice when you read a book once in while that doesn’t include kissing when you’re not even halfway through the book. I love how the characters all developed ( even if it wasn’t thatmuch considering the short time span this story took place in ) and came to a realisation of their own. I would definitely recommend this book. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and this is mine. ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v


Kobato.「こばと」 Review

I don’t know much about reviewing profesionally but I’m going to express my opinions here.

Story 9/10

The storyline was great, it was original. I mean, I know all stories are unique in their own sense but this idea was greatly developed and put into something that made sense and actually touched my heart. I go about watching anime and enjoying it but in reality, there’s only a few that touch my heart to the core and Kobato is one of them. Certainly, it migh not be the best but it definitely is one of the best.

Art 10/10

I surprised myself by giving the art a 10. It was different, in a sense and I noticed that most of the main women had long hair 😛 I know that the art of some things like K-On is a new style but the chibi moments and Ioryogi-san were really well-drawn. The art style is quite different from normal and caught my attention immediately.

Characters 9/10

The characters were well-developed and pretty simple, not so complicated. Kobato is your usual naive, innocent and pure girl with a big heart. She can stand up for herself and others, which I really admire in her. Kazehaya-kun is also another cliché character who is cold and aloof to Kobato in the beginning but gradually warms up to her. Sayaka-sensei is awesome in the sense that she totally understands the main characters’ feelings for each other and her love for her ex-husband. Ioryogi-san is one of the best characters that spice up and liven this story. His temper and genuine ( hidden ) care for Kobato is really sweet. The rest of the characters contribute in their own way and are one of the reasons I enjoyed this manga.


Thank you Catherine for tagging me for the Liebster Book Award thingy =.= I added so many widgets to this blog so be sure to check it out! 😛 I’m finding time to read a lot more books too, like Catherine and I’ll post reviews starting from now. Oh yeah, and my manga and anime reviews as well, I guess. Currently, I’m reading Give Up the Ghost by Megan Crewe. I discovered a lot of books over this time span so yeah 8D I’m off for now 😛 待ったね

Saiunkoku Monogatari 「 彩雲国物語 」

I actually gave up this anime about two years ago after watching the first episode. I guess it’s because my taste was limited and I was still new to anime that time. I decided to watch it again since I realised that I’ve fallen in love with Reverse Harem. It’s amazing but I’m fairly sure that Shuurei doesn’t end up with anyone so I might just give up halfway. Still, I’m gonna watch it ┏(^0^)┛. The opening song is really beautiful 。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。 I fell in love the moment I heard it ♡(*´∀`*)人(*´∀`*)♡ Old school anime openings are REALLY beautiful. It’s not loud music and can be listened to over and over again and you’ll never get tired of it.


It’s actually class time now but it’s the Aethetics Module period so we’re free for one hour. I’m going to read Kobato 「こばと」. I’m looking for more anime and manga like Kobato and Red River. Catherine  is typing a new review for a book next to me (;¬_¬) What a hardworking person. I’m actually planning to sketch something today after finishing homework on my SketchBook. I might upload it on DA. Here are the images I’m considering…

Rants on Drama

When I heard they were making a remake of Hana Kimi, I was horrified so when it DID come out, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it, so I didn’t =.= I didn’t really see the point of having a remake when there already is a great series. It was around that time I heard they were going to have a KOREAN one. I don’t have any problem with it but I still think that the Japanese one will always be the best in my heart. Nevertheless, I am awaiting the Korean one so when the first episode comes out, I shall rant.