Hello 2013!

This is a 20 day late post, just so you people know XD I feel guilty about not updating this often because I more frequently attend to my Tumblr and Blogger. 2013 ushered in a new year of digital art, fanfiction, fiction and studying goals for me. I don’t have much time for extra work ( heck I haven’t even watched a single anime episode yet ).

On a brighter note, I managed to re-download OSU! which crashed on me last year and SAI Easy Paint Tool which I found out there was a Mac version. Also, I discovered that SAI is actually Japanese *cue shocked and delighted gasp*

I’ve become a crazy KHR fangirl ( I just clutched my heart and gasped when I saw this Hibari photoset ==” ) and my friends gave me really awesome stuff on my birthday. One of them drew Ichinose Tokiya and my twin ( we have the same birthdays lol ) gave me a Reborn! rubik’s cube . My best friend dubbed our “younger sister” also gave me another rubik’s cube with a different design :3 Another good otaku friend of mine gave me an early birthday present in the form of a Tokiya keychain with a little light. I love these guys so much.

I’ve also had a lot of revelations regarding JPOP artists. Most of the ones I’ve seen in dramas are in bands or individually are ALL under the recording label Jonny’s Entertainment formed by  Jonny & Associates. And then the shock of finding out that V6, too, is under Johhny’s.

THEN finding out that it was them who performed the Gokusen opening “Feel Your Breeze” because I was looking through their wiki and I saw the song title then ; OHMYGOD COULD IT BE THEM WHO PERFORMED THE OP FOR GOKUSEN?!

YouTube came in handy in confirming this shocking discovery. And so rekindles my abandoned love of V6. *sigh* To handle KAT-TUN and V6 at the same time is all right, I guess.

Yamada Yuu, whom I have watched act before, is MARRIED to Oguri Shun…Like I knew he was married but I didn’t realise it was her.

I have come to love Sato Takeru, after finding out that he was acting as Kenshin in the RuroKen live action ( which, by the way, was fabulous ). Shockingly, I came to recognise him as the younger brother of Mizushima Hiro’s character in Mei-chan no Shitsuji. Hiro-kun also happens to be casted for the Kuroshitsuji live action role as Sebastian ( which I’ve never watched ). He happens to be a butler a lot o_O

Nakama Yukie ( Yankumi in Gokusen ), I realised when rewatching the last episode of Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake, was the “evil” Kaoru -__- She’s pretty nevertheless. The cutie guy from Yamato Nadeshiko Live Action is in Johnny’s NEWS and Koyama Keiichiro ( from Kurosagi and Yukan Club ) is in it too. Yamapi and Ryo-kun were former members ( the not-so-much shock anymore ). Ryo-kun is now in Kanjani8 along with Yokoyama Yu ( Yukan Club ). MatsuJun is in Arashi

When did this become a full-blown revelation and information page about Johnny’s again?

GAH. Whatever.

I need to leave now. Until next time, people.


P.P.S I made a new banner. The resolution sucks but it’s the best one I’ve made so far. I will also be making a new blog button.


God Junno looks so cute XD ( Jin has left already  )





L I A R ● G A M E 「ドラマ」

When I saw that, I was like HOLY, isn’t that the drama which I watched the NG from. GYABO! Matsu-kun is acting in this drama and the actress is really pretty. The NG was really epic too, so I’m zettai going to watch it !


Review : “To The Beautiful You” Episode 1

I finally got around to reviewing the first episode ( I’ll be watching the second one ASAP )…

This episode looks like it’s starting out great, it lived up to my expectations, and even higher. At this point, I won’t go about comparing to the Japanese one except when I just have to and just appreciate that 1 hour of watching it. The beginning was interesting and the ending definitely kept you hooked ( um, it’s obviously gonna stop where the doc asks why there’s a girl at a boys’ school ). Before I even digress to the ending, the beginning was simply hilarious. It was cool incorporating how “Sano” ( I WON’T BOTHER WITH THE KOREAN NAMES unless necessary ) had filming and stuff but we aren’t far from meeting the 95% possible future, whiny, b*tchy lead antagonist at that point.

One thing I have learned from Korean drama is that there’s always two guys and two girls ( in most 99% cases ) and two guys fall for lead girl and lead antagonist girl is evil and tries to get the lead guy through any unbelievable, horrid method. Period. Japanese  ( and Taiwanese *hint, hint* ) drama are different in the sense that they focus in many different aspects and not just the leads but on other cast character development. Either way, I’m hoping this will go smoothly and little miss won’t be too troublesome.

Back to “Mizuki”. Plain hilarious, I tell you. Even though the entire cast don’t seem to fit that atmosphere of “Hana Kimi” and “three united dorms” (yet), I find it endearing already. The way she slid down the stairs on the suitcase just cracked me. I’m glad that there was a lot of humour and “Nakatsu” is cute ( totally ) but I just can’t find that boyish, playful aura in him. OH GOD HOW I PRAY there won’t be any hard feelings between him and “Sano” in the future TT^TT *Kneels down and prays*

Now that really caught my attention. I wouldn’t have so much as the courage to say “Um”. So far, so good.

We all knew it was coming, but…This was just too hilarious to ignore. A random person suddenly answers your question meant for the dog and crawls out of the kennel. I mean, who does that ( “Mizuki” )?!

I actually didn’t want to highlight anyone but those two guys smack in the middle. I really snorted with laughter when I noticed them. When I think about the beginning where “Mizuki” reaches the school, I find the Hana Kimi one more eye-catching because the Hibari 4 are introduced, in a very non-annoying future girls way. But those 3 girls are quite interesting specimens as well.

But the dorm heads…THEY JUST DON’T CATCH MY ATTENTION. THEY DON’T EVEN LOOK UNIQUE, IN THE LEAST. GOD. THE DOCTOR!!! WAAAH. Tennouji, Nanba and Masao will forever be the best dorm heads I have ever seen. They look amazingly unique and they’re individually hilarious and endearing in their own way. Nanba-senpai and Kayashima were also introduced in the first episode of Hana Kimi, which spiced up the show so I was wondering when/whether they would show up in this episode. But Kayashima didn’t :3 I miss that lovable Ghost Boy. Umeda-sensei, too, will be the best doctor in the history of all versions of Hana Kimi. His uniquely blue eyes and tan ( IT LOOKS TANNED OKAY?! ) make him look hot and he has that aura of a seriously captivating character. Hope to see more of his gay side in the drama soon. WILL DO in SPICING things up a NOTCH.



*Sob* Umeda-sensei TT^TT DAISUKI DA YO

Overall, the episode builds up tension at the end and I’m genuinely interested in seeing the rest of the drama. I’m so happy there’s a lot of humour and not much angst in this episode ( GOD THERE SHOULDN’T BE ANGST ) so I’ll be reviewing the next episode soon. Ja, matta ne!

Rating : 8.5 / 10

Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008「射雕英雄传」 ⁅CONTAINS SPOILERS⁆

I decided to watch this drama some time ago but only got around watching it this month. It was truly a beautiful drama, more than martial arts, but the true meaning behind life and love.

When their husbands were killed by the Song army, two pregnant women found safe haven in foreign lands. Li Ping gave birth to Guo Jing, a sturdy but blockheaded young man who roamed the Mongolian prairie with the family of Temujin. Bao Xi Ruo gave birth to Yang Kang, a smart and crafty young man who became the son of Wanyan Hong Lie, a successor of the Jin empire. When a pact between their martial arts masters brought them together and the truth behind their fathers’ deaths was revealed, one found martial arts enlightenment and a cause greater than his own while the other descended into darkness and destroyed everything and everyone around him.

So many characters died, some nearly, and in the end, everything was justified. I loved the chemistry between Ariel Lin and Hu Ge, it’s just as good as Joe Cheng and Ariel. Not to mention, Ariel is really pretty :3 In the beginning, Yang Kang seemed despicable but as it went on and the truth behind his father’s death, he truly looked like he was resolved to get revenge. But we all know he lived for 18 years as the Little Prince of Jin, one wouldn’t expect his conscience to be as clear as Guo Jing’s. When he started plotting stuff and even claimed that he didn’t love Nian Ci, I started to really doubt him, he had become really dark and lost his way. I didn’t actually hate Ouyang Ke, he was actually a pretty good guy, having his own problems about his birthright and who his real father was. Each episode ended in a cliffhanger and left me with many questions. It truly was a great drama. There was so much, what you call essence. There is that atmosphere of true feelings, like Hana Kimi. I cried like hell in Episodes 28, 32, 49 and 50. Episode 28 was when Guo Jing’s brother Zhou lied to Huang Yaoshi, he was so darn insensitive. When Guo Jing turned around and I saw the tears in his cheeks, my heart, which was already aching from the unfairness, I just burst out crying like that, like someone had caned me or something. I was already crying from the beginning of Episode 50 and when Yang Kang died, i just cried harder. Do I recommend this drama? YES AND YES AND YES


Because the martial arts are awesome, Huang Rong is smart, and Guo Jing is hilarious. And the most important thing is that the story never loses its plot and always retains those emotions what make it amazing.

Guo Jing : *Are you serious?*

Rants on Drama

When I heard they were making a remake of Hana Kimi, I was horrified so when it DID come out, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it, so I didn’t =.= I didn’t really see the point of having a remake when there already is a great series. It was around that time I heard they were going to have a KOREAN one. I don’t have any problem with it but I still think that the Japanese one will always be the best in my heart. Nevertheless, I am awaiting the Korean one so when the first episode comes out, I shall rant.


Something that I have been talking about in ever space I have been on the Internet 😛 Yes, so, instead of yapping so much, why don’t I give you a list?

  • Playful Kiss+SP Episodes
  • Spy Myung Wol
  • City Hunter
  • Personal Taste
  • Protect the Boss
  • My Princess
  • Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  • Secret Garden
  • Full House
  • Paradise Ranch
  • You’re Beautiful
  • Cinderella’s Sister
  • Prosecutor Princess
  • Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me, Mary!
  • Hana Kimi
  • Atashinchi No Danshi
  • 1 Litre of Tears
  • Kurosagi
  • Nobuta Wo Produce
  • Boys Over Flowers
  • Hana Yori Dango {Season 1 + Season 2} + {Hana Yori Dango~Final}
  • My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
  • Will It Snow for Christmas?
  • Heartstrings 
  • It Started With a Kiss + They Kiss Again
  • Tokyo Juliet
  • Lie To Me
  • Itazura Na Kiss

Ore wa homo janai!

Yup, a quote from my favourite drama, Hana Kimi 8D Not that I hate the Taiwanese version but the Japanese version feels more complete. Here’s why:

Nothing and absolutely nothing can beat this version. I was captivated the moment I watched it. The most addictive part in Japanese drama is that unlike in Korean dramas, there are much more feelings that jealousy and romance in it. There’s teamwork and life values as well as lots of humour (if it’s not a melodrama). Hana Kimi portrays romance, friendship and teamwork while keeping to the plot if high jump unlike in the Taiwanese version where I thought that the focus on high jump was too minimal and focused mainly on the three characters. I was laughing in every episode of the drama but it actually made me CRY in the last episode. The farewell was so…real. The ending of the Taiwanese version left me very unsatisfied. He never told her that he had known she was a girl.
Nakatsu is the one of the most adorable characters in the series. He accepts the fact that Sano and Mizuki love each other and his internal rants are hilarious, especially the first one in the Special episode where Sano put the chocolate box on his head 8D And you definitely cannot NOT love the dorm heads…Nanba-senpai is the definition of HOT, Tennouji-sama and his Baby-ies are so cute and Oscar is just too humorous when he gets possessed. Like the time he said, “Hey..um,huh…hey!” to Julia and then they stared at him like he was nuts. He then shook his head and touched the pole before getting electrocuted XD Then, Nakatsu rushed to him and “Masa-OH!” LMAO before Nakao got caught and then Nanba *Kamen rider kabuto pose* rushed to the rescue, joining the electrocuted Osaka boyz 8D I love them soo much.
Osaka gakuen is amazing. Along with the school doctor, photographer, principal and Director Sawatari. Not to foget Kagurazaka, who thanks to Sano, became gay XD The funniest part with the doctor is when he vomits incessantly LOL. I wish my school was like theirs. The school is huuuge but there are only three dorms and EVERYONE is involved in the drama. Their togetherness was shown in their Girlfriend cheerleading dance, the time they took photographs thinking the school was going to close down and when they wanted to save Nakatsu from the teacher.
Hana Kimi is a MUST WATCH and the SPEICAL episodes too. You won’t regret it 8D

Yup, so I pretty much gave away some funny parts but it’s worth it 🙂 Now, moving on to 1 Litre of Tears, ranked my second fave drama. Why? Let’s find out.

So many people say it’s amazingly emotional and touching. I try it out and find that it is. In one of those rare forms you never knew could happen. Aya is a girl who is affected by an incurable disease. Ok. So before we even start watching, we know that the main character will be sad. At least, that’s what I thought. But this drama is depicted in such a way that’s it’s so vivid. It was real. It happened for this drama was based on the true story of Aya Kito, who lost her life at the age of 25. The actress portrays the sadness, fear, love and all the emotions she was experiencing at the time. Her parents’ and siblings’ love for her is shown as well. I cried, not because others said they had cried too. I cried because I felt how painful it was and that’s how you know this drama deserves ten stars. As usual, I gave away the plot XD But at least, I’ve explained my feelings.

Now, on to the Korean drama. Now people say Secret Garden is one of the best but I simply found it a bit boring. No offence, but I think my tastes are slightly different. Spy Myung-Wol, at the time I was watching, was still airing, so I was anticipiating but as I watched, I sort of feel now that it was a bit too impractical around the last episodes. But nevertheless, I enjoyed it. Some of the best are, I think, Full House, Goong and Playful Kiss, as well as City Hunter and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. And thank anime for my interest in drama 😛 I watched Itazura Na Kiss (anime) and heard about the drama so I watched the Japanese drama before watching Playful Kiss and finally the Taiwanese version 8D So, I’ve used Bold on the drama I liked best 8D

Merry Christmas,